Mother's Day Special with Massage

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Our Manayunk location is almost sold out for Mother’s Day weekend. For the Paoli location, please visit: 

• Lavender Aromatherapy
• Perfectly Steamed Towel infused w/Lavender, Geranium & Lemon Mist

Our Signature Pampering Mini-Treatments
• Relaxing Head & Scalp Massage
• Few drops of peppermint on each shoulder
• Dead Sea Mud Mask w/steam
• Energizing Hand Scrub & Massage

Your Mother's Spa Day Special continues with a rejuvenating session on our contactless Luxurious Zero-Gravity Electric Massage Chair with a simultaneous red light therapy session followed by a 30-minute relaxation massage, a 15-minute session in our bubbly hot tub and a 15-minute session in our traditional sauna.

Bathrobes and towels are provided. 
Please bring your swimwear and flip-flops/sandals.

Includes complimentary sangria, espresso beverages, or cucumber citrus water.

What to expect:  

As you arrive for your Mother's Day Special, you are greeted warmly with a disinfecting hand sanitizer and escorted to your freshly cleaned and disinfected spa chair to complete your check-in.  You notice the soft gentle scent of lavender in the air as you climb into the chair - and your ears become awash in soft Hawaiian island tunes with enchanting vocals. You notice a pretty beachscape tapestry and notice the sounds of ocean waves crashing somewhere nearby. A steamed towel infused with Lavender is delicately placed over your forehead as you are invited to lean back. You are reclined.
Your head receives a brief head and scalp massage. A couple drops of Peppermint Oil are gently placed on each shoulder and softly massaged into your neck and shoulder for a few moments. Immediately, the warmth of the oil begins to seep into your skin.
Some minutes later, the towel on your forehead is removed and a gentle bit of steam is applied. A mud mask infused with organic ingredients is gently applied. While the mud mask is allowed to dry, your hands are gently massaged with a fruit scrub with attention carefully given to your palms and fingers. 
An in-house espresso machine brews your favorite espresso beverage while chilled wine and sangria sit on the counter for enjoyment at any time along with cucumber citrus water - your choice. 
After this, the Luxury Zero-Gravity Electric Massage Chair session begins with an invigorating program combining shiatsu, kneading, rolling, and tapping maneuvers throughout your whole body. Your arms and legs are also firmly squeezed by air bags in the chair while the red light therapy is applied.

You are brought downstairs to the Bamboo Relaxation Suite where you receive a gentle relaxation massage and then soak in the hot tub with invigorating bubbles followed by a brief session in the traditional sauna.

The Mother's Day Special will last approximately 1.5 - 3 hours depending on the number of guests. 
Only available on Mother's Day Weekend May 12-14th 2022
Package includes flowers for all mothers. 

239 per guest

*To purchase a gift, please visit the Gift Cards section. 

**Bring swimwear and flip-flops for the hot tub. 

*** ID is required for every person entering our facility - please be sure to bring a photo ID and Credit Card used for booking to complete your check-in process.

**** Please include your name and/or the name of the guests attending the spa day in the note section at checkout so we may properly greet you and/or your guests upon arrival.