Win a Spa Party!

Announcing the 'iBeachClub Covid-Safe Spa Party Giveaway' for Philadelphia and Surrounding Areas

There has been a VERY alarming increase in pandemic-induced anxiety, stress, and depression and we would like to do something about it to support our community - but in a safe way.

We are giving away spa party packages with a wellness theme to groups of 2-4 who live together, work together, or are otherwise close and already exposed to each other.

Your spa party can be as relaxing or invigorating as you and your guests would like! For example, your visit may begin with a relaxing wellness and mindfulness meditation session followed by some classic relaxing and pampering like a steam facial, coconut hair treatment, and a hand scrub for you and your guests. Your entire group will completely release all anxiety on our luxury massage chairs. Then, you may choose to have a mini photo shoot during your visit, or perhaps a dance lesson - or a session learning about aerial yoga and stretching on our yoga trapeze! These activities are at once FUN and BONDING for you and your closest friends and family. Your visit can feature up-beat music and tunes or gentle Hawaiian melodies - or anything you like. You can opt for espresso beverages like a cappuccino or latte or Sangria - or just simple lemon water! Our absolutely unique spa parties are designed to perfectly fit the personality and needs of you and your guests. 

While you visit, you may elect to use the hot tub, sauna, and/or tanning booth. We can invite you to have a Norvell airbrush tanning session and perhaps even do a teeth whitening session. While you're in the mood, perhaps you may choose to have a demo done of our hair removal laser, RF Wrinkle Reduction Machine, or our Body Contouring Machine.The choice is yours! One thing is for sure: you will have one of the most memorable experiences with your closest friends and loved ones.
To be considered for the Giveaway: 1) please sign up below and 2) visit our Facebook Page and like it, and 3) share and comment on our Pinned Giveaway Post.  
 We will be picking winners every few days.

Please NOTE:
*Masks ARE required. We have sanitizing, ventilation, and disinfection protocols in place and abide by the capacity and distancing guidelines.
**Gratuity is not included and greatly appreciated.

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